Ep. 3 - The Irish Goodbye

Well, shit. That wasn't supposed to happen!

First, my apologies to Lenor Marquis Segal, this episode's guest: I lost two-thirds of our wonderful conversation. Or, didn't lose...failed to record? Either way, no bueno.

Lenor joins me for a discussion about writing, mostly. At least that's the part we got to in the first 25 minutes. We don't get the discussion of her first book, written at age 7 or 8, from which Lenor dropped a nugget that was going to be the title of this episode: "Your Mystery Needs More Suspects." I'm tremendously disappointed: we had a wide-ranging and very fun conversation. Lenor, you've got to come back, okay! I promise I won't fuck it up (again)!

Here's your link to the episode on Spotify. It hasn't hit Apple Podcasts at the time of sending this out, but will likely be up by the time you read this, so just search for it if you haven't subscribed to the pod (you have, right?!). Edit: here's the link to the episode on Apple Podcasts.

Oh! And please rate and review Sonder Union on your platform of choice. I always forget to ask. Thanks!

What you don't know is that each of the episodes so far has been rife with technical problems. Namely, the software I've been using to record the podcast, Riverside.fm, kept kicking me out of the recording sessions every five minutes. On the dot. So the episodes you've listened to have required a significant amount of editing – which I was happy to do, so long as it resulted in a good episode. Well, it's officially time to seek a different recording software.

Any recommendations?

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