Ep. 7 - Anxiety is the Shadow of Intelligence

I cannot tell you how much fun it's been to make this podcast. It's such a joy to sit down and spend some time coexisting with people who so freely give their time, experience, stories, and hard-won wisdom.

This week's episode features Keith King, who I met through Seth Godin's newish community, Purple Space. (It's now open to the public, so pop on over if you're a creative looking for a peer community.)

Keith is one of the most interesting people over at Purple Space: he's sharing his journey as he establishes a creative and personal practice, but he's also one of the most generous folks over there with his time and attention to other people's projects, thoughts, and foibles. I think you will sense that deep and careful (as always, think about the root of this now invisible word) mind and soul at work in this episode.

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Until next time!

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