Sonder Union - Ep. 1 - Digital Hauntings & Second Souls

You may have noticed the format for OTR changed a little bit over the last few newsletters, that "Sonder Union" began appearing in the header of the emails and the links to the permanent copy have been going to Well, I've been working on getting a new podcast off the ground – and the first episode is now live.

You can listen on Apple Podcasts, on Spotify, and basically everywhere else podcasts are offered, except for Google, where the show hasn't yet been made live for...I dunno, reasons.

This show has absolutely no business purpose. The sole idea is to talk with someone I find fascinating but don't really know, about things that aren't business. For the time being, I'm more interested in talking with people who aren't lawyers, but will certainly invite people who are unusual lawyers if the vibe is right. Sonder Union is an experiment in human connection in digital times.

The first guest is none other than Jerry Bui. He's phenomenal and very brave to let me experiment, with him to get this inaugural episode out of my head and into the permanent record.

If you get the chance to listen, please like, subscribe, leave a review, etc. I would also most welcome any direct feedback on the show – what works, what doesn't, thoughts on how to improve (other than for me to learn how to breathe so the microphone doesn't always pick it up).

It's likely that I'll be trading weeks between new episodes of Sonder Union and new OTRs. But hey, I'm not great at following plans, so who knows how this will go!

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